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Sharon Clifford   -   Womens Cycling Sheffield RT
Age : 54    Height : 5 4
Occupation : Midwife
Discipline : Time Trials

Winter bike Dolan Winter Training, Summer bike George Longstaff
Time trial bike Felt, Mercian Tandem

Favourite food - Ensaimaida or Almond cake preferably
the genuine article eaten in Mallorca.

Favourite Drink - Tea

Likes - Spinning along on a sunny day with the wind on my back,
good company, good scenery.
Dislikes - Wind and rain esp headwinds or gusty sidewinds

Favourite Place - Riding through the Orient Valley Mallorca

My Mum was a cyclist with CTC via friends from the Youth Club.
her touring tales whetted my appetite but never knew how to go about joining a club in the mid-70's when you never really saw clubs out and about. Got on with school, studies etc., then through Ranger Guides met a Venture Scout boyfriend, he was a cyclist, once A levels were out of the way, I joined him and his touring club using his spare bike.... no mention of ever racing.

Between Nurse training we toured throughout the British Isles and I acquired my first touring bike a Dawes Super Galaxy.
Following the break up, the rest of the lads in the club persuaded me to come out on summer evenings to watch club events. The acquisition of a handbuilt touring bike freed up my dawes to be stripped down to a race bike.

My first summer of time trialling was 1984, and I was hooked; the people, the atmosphere, and challenging yourself along with the improvements in times was addictive. And I became fitter so I enjoyed my non-racing cycling interests more.. and started to do more in the way of Audaxing.
I continued to tour but usually after the race season, so october would usually see me off to places such as; Greece, Denmark, Spain, France
and New England fall.
In 1991 I completed the challenge I first dreamed of doing back in 1980, the Paris Brest Paris 1200km Audax, and have also gone to complete London Edinburgh London. 1991 was also a pivotal year as I started to see the man who would become my husband and father of my son Andrew. Geoff never raced so racing had to fit around other activities he liked to do and I would often ride an early morning TT then meet up with the family for a further day of getting some touring miles. It also meant I left the Midlands and my Coventry home to move to the North West and have lived in Horwich nr bolton since. With Geoff not interested in racing I never really got involved in a local club and stuck to my Coventry roots and the Coventry Road Club.

Discipline - Time Trials PB's

10m 22:49 (set in 2014)

15m - 36:39 (set in 2013)

25m 1:00:40 (set In 2014)

30m - 1:17:01 (set In 2013)

50m 2:7:52 (set In 1989)

100m 4:38:30 (set In 2014)

12hr 235.10 miles (set in 2014)

24hr 337.417 miles (set in 2000)

RTTC 50 Mile Category National Champion (2013)

Having qualified as Registered Nurse and Midwife, I work at Preston hospital as a Midwife, so throughout the years the riding and racing has had to fit around shifts which makes life interesting, but also means I get time off when 'normal' people are working. fortunately there is a healthy mid-week cycling scene in the NW.

Fitting it all in and taking the type of touring holidays the other half wanted to do did mean my racing times suffered through the 90's but sometimes you cannot have it all. During this time we brought Andrew up to cycle, initally on the back of a tandem and now he is fully independant and joins me in shorter time trials. He has toured Iceland, Poland/Slovakia, Germany, France, Ireland, Scotland and regularly joins us in Mallorca.

Other set backs have been various accidents I have suffered and have broken my Collar bone, Shoulder blade, Thumb, Wrist and Elbows twice........ but each set back has seen me bounce back.
With the break up of my marriage my cycling has moved on again, and since meeting Phil I probably apply myself to more serious training sessions on the turbo and the road. I have certainly improved at various distances and have broken some of old pb's from the 80's.
For the past 2 years Denise has been trying to recruit me to WCS but I had a couple of specific reasons for not leaving my old club immediately and wished to put the ladies' 12 hour record on the shelf, something I achieved last year.

So now here I am..... and looking forward to being part of a team of ladies.

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